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NuBaby is the ultimate destination for interactive parent and baby classes in Toronto. We are proud to offer a variety of baby development programs for parents and their little ones to bond and enjoy the journey of growing and learning together. Parents can socialize, and connect with their babies and others in their community; While babies can do what they do best - make noise, move about, play, discover, and explore.

We believe that the first few years of a child's life sets the foundation, for future growth and development and we want to support you in your rollercoaster ride in parenting to help you get the most out of your precious time in the early years. We recognize that these years are highly treasured and incredibly special - so we want to help you make this time as memorable as it can be!

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Our parent and baby programs place a strong emphasis on nurturing the bond between you and your little one. All class content is based on research and supports the natural development of your child. Read more →

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